Classic Car Parking

If your car isn’t just a car – but an investment – keeping your vehicle in pristine condition is the most important priority to you.

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Leaving a classic car outside is just not an option

MYPARKER ensures you avoid the scratches and dents that can spoil a beautiful classic car and cost you thousands of pounds to put right. Don’t take the chance of scratching your classic driving or pushing your car into a tight garage, or when squeezing out of your car in the garage. Let the MYPARKER platform do it for you safely and quickly.

Park your car on the platform outside your garage with no risk of damaging to your classic and where there is plenty of space to disembark. Then let the MYPARKER platform do the rest. It just doesn’t get easier.

Contact us today on Freephone 0800 772 3328 and find out how MYPARKER can make your home parking easy and save you money at the same time.