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Yes, MYPARKER platform is articulated and will cope with normal slopes. However, if the gradient of the slope is more than 60mm drop per 1000mm of travel then the platform will ground itself on the ridge of the slope. The platform can cope with larger gradients if the ridge is smoothed out. Please contact us for further information.

Yes, MYPARKER is very sturdy steel platform manufactured in the UK with a very powerful electric motor and it will tackle most drives. However, if your drive has large dips and hollows or large ridges or drainage covers for the platform wheels to fall into the gaps. In these conditions the platform will not operate. Please contact us with some pictures of your drive and we can offer you better advice.

London/ Southeast / Southwest –  £300 + VAT
Midlands – £400 + VAT
North – £500 + VAT
For other areas please call for a quote.

It takes most of a day for two of our engineers to install the platform.

We anticipate a waiting period of roughly six weeks from the time of placing your order to the fitting date, depending on the length of our waiting list.

Absolutely. We are very proud of our product and offer five years warranty that can be extended.

Yes. You could choose to have two platforms for maximum comfort and convenience, or opt for just one platform and still have full access to both cars. Works just as well for a triple garage with a platform installation in the middle providing full access to all three cars.

Yes, our platforms are fully adjustable to maximise the use of your garage. As long as the dimensions of your car is less than your garage then you can park your car using MYPARKER platform easily and safely.

The MYPARKER classic platform holds up to the maximum of 2000Kg (most cars fall within this range). The MYPARKER Sumo platform can increase this carrying capacity to 2500Kg.

If your cars dimensions allow it to fit within your garage then MYPARKER platform can be fitted to automate your parking. We do, however, require a solid garage floor to secure the platform. If your garage is very wet or prone to flooding we do not recommend fitting MYPARKER platform, as it uses electricity to operate.

We currently have a battery version under development.

Our platforms are powder coated in black. If you want a bespoke colour then give us a call and we will do our best to meet your requirement. There may be a small increase in price however we will endeavour to keep this as zero cost option. There will however be a delay in delivery time.

You can park any vehicle on MYPARKER platform – Front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or four-wheel drive car.

No, just drive on the platform and you can use the handbrake or not, leave in gear or neutral and in an automatic car, leave in drive or neutral. The platform will park your car. (Unless you have a slope on your drive in which case you need to apply the handbrake to stop the car rolling)

No, you can drive on the platform in reverse or forward whichever is your preference.

No, as long as you are parked on the platform within the four white flexible nylon rods, your car is safe from damage.