Having difficulty squeezing out of your car in the garage?

Say goodbye to the struggle of getting in and out of your car in the garage.

MY PARKER Automated Garage Parking Trolley will park your car in the garage and when you want to use your car, just press the remote to call your car out. Open the car door as wide as you like for an easy access.

If you think about it, there are so many good reasons to park your car in the garage. If only you could… and now you can with MY PARKER Automated Garage Parking Trolley.

Contact us today on Freephone 0800 772 3328 and find out how MYPARKER can make your home parking easy.

No Parking Stress

It’s stressful to drive your expensive car into the garage with only a few millimetres to spare. Smallest mistake will result in a very expensive repair bill. By using MYPARKER you don’t need to worry about any of this.

When you leave your car outside, it is under continues attack from all kinds of weather. Direct sunlight will deteriorate your cars paintwork as well as its interior. Heat, cold and condensation effects many aspects of your car. Dirt and grime accumulates on your car, even when you are not using it. This results in dull paintwork and frequent visits to the carwash.

Keeping your car in the garage maintains your car in top condition and this will affect the value of your car when it’s time to visit your car dealer. By using MYPARKER retain more of your car value and save on frequency of visiting your carwash.

Your car can only get vandalised or stolen if it is out in plain sight. Avoid the hassle of repairing keyed paintwork or reporting your stolen car to the police by putting it away safely in your garage using MYPARKER platform.

At the end of your PCP contract your finance provider expects a showroom condition car back from you. This can lead to significant charges being made to bring the car back to A1 condition ready for sale. Using MYPARKER to put your car away in the garage can keep your car in A1 condition and avoid PCP end of term charges.

Multi car ownership households are now the norm and finding sufficient space on your driveway to park all your cars can be very difficult, whilst the garage sits empty. MYPARKER will park one of your cars in the garage safe and dry, releasing an additional space on your driveway.

Insurance companies expect you to store your classic car or expensive pride and joy safely away to reduce risk of theft and vandalism. Many insurance companies have discounted rate for cars that are kept in a garage. With using MYPARKER you can park your car in the garage and reduce your insurance cost.

Happy Customers

Don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at some of our previous feedback from our customers.

"Myparker is a clever solution to a common problem."

"Before buying I visited a customer who had used one for several years without any issues. Tom performed exactly as he promised. Installation took around 6 hours and his engineers were professional and painstaking. A few days later I decided I wanted an adjustment to suit my circumstances and Tom arrived and happily undertook it personally. It took me a bit of time to get used to positioning my tyres in the right spot but that comes with a little practice. In short, it does the job."

David F

"Myparker Classic platform is the best asset in my garage"

"Parking my car is simply is a bonus. Instillation and fitting was straight forward and efficient. Aftercare enquires have been delt with by Tom in the most kind and professional manor. I highly recommend Myparker.""

Jennifer Giddings

"Myparker platform has been trouble free in all these years"

"I found Myparker at Goodwood Festival of Speed some years ago and it was exactly what I needed. Instillation was professional and done with care. After a few days I got used to driving on the platform and now I don’t even think about it. Myparker platform has been trouble free in all these years and the only thing I have had to do was to replace the battery in the remote. Simple but cleaver solution."

John Nori

"With only centimeters to spare MyParker safely delivers my car in and out of the garage in seconds"

Complete peace of mind now that I can park my car safely and out of site every night. Even more importantly I can now use my garage for its intended use and free up my drive. With only centimeters to spare MyParker safely delivers my car in and out of the garage in seconds every time…. true peace of mind!"

Garry Burch

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