Keeping Your Car Outside Vs in Your Garage: A Comprehensive Comparison

keeping car outside vs garage

Choosing the best parking option for your vehicle is crucial for maintaining its condition and ensuring its safety. This comparison between keeping your car outside vs in your garage highlights why many are opting for indoor solutions.

Benefits of Indoor Parking

Indoor parking offers numerous advantages over parking outside, particularly in terms of protection and security.

Enhanced Vehicle Protection

Parking your car indoors, such as in a garage, shields it from various environmental factors. Harsh weather conditions like hail, snow, heavy rain, and extreme heat can cause significant wear and tear over time. Indoor parking protects the paintwork and prevents potential damage from these elements, preserving the aesthetic and functional quality of your vehicle.

Security Against Theft and Vandalism

Vehicles parked outdoors are visibly accessible and more susceptible to theft and vandalism. Indoor parking provides a secure environment, often with surveillance and controlled access, greatly reducing the risk of such incidents.

Drawbacks of Outdoor Parking

While parking outdoors may sometimes be the only available option, it comes with several drawbacks that can affect your vehicle’s condition and safety.

Exposure to the Elements

Keeping your car outside subjects it to the weather. UV rays can fade the paint and damage the dashboard, while cold conditions can affect the battery and tyre pressures. Such exposure not only degrades the vehicle’s appearance but can also lead to higher maintenance costs.

Increased Risk of Damage

Cars parked on the street or in outdoor lots are more likely to receive damage from other vehicles or passersby. The risk of scratches, dents, or more severe damage from accidents increases significantly in unsheltered parking spaces.

Cost Considerations

The decision between indoor and outdoor parking often comes down to cost. Outdoor parking tends to be cheaper and is sometimes free, making it a tempting choice for many drivers. However, the potential long-term costs of outdoor parking due to increased maintenance, repair needs, and possibly higher insurance premiums can offset the initial savings.

Keeping Car Outside vs Garage: Long-term Impacts

Parking your car in a garage can significantly extend its lifespan and maintain its value better than if kept outside. The garage protects the car from environmental elements and potential hazards, which means less frequent washes, waxes, and repairs. Over time, these savings add up, making indoor parking a worthwhile investment.

The Impact on Car Insurance

Many insurance companies offer lower premiums for vehicles that are parked indoors, acknowledging the reduced risk of theft, vandalism, and weather-related damage. This reduction in insurance costs can be a reason to opt for indoor parking.

MyParker’s Solution

At MyParker, we understand the importance of protecting your investment. Our innovative indoor parking solutions provide not only the convenience of easy parking but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle is secure and protected from the elements.

Whether you’re dealing with a compact urban garage, MyParker offers a range of automated systems that ensure your car is stored safely and conveniently, reducing wear and tear and safeguarding its value.

Explore our website to learn more about how MyParker can enhance your parking experience, making it easier, safer, and more convenient to park indoors.


Q: What are the benefits and drawbacks of keeping my car outside vs in a garage?

A: Keeping your car in a garage protects it from environmental damage and theft, maintaining its condition and value. Parking outside exposes the vehicle to weather-related wear and potential security risks.

Q: Is it better keeping my car in a garage vs outside?

A: Storing your car in a garage is generally better as it offers protection against the elements, reduces deterioration, and enhances vehicle security compared to parking outside.

Q: What should I consider if I have to keep my car parked outside?

A: If parking outside, consider using car covers for protection, ensure regular maintenance to counteract the elements, and choose a secure, well-lit area to reduce theft risks.

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