Keyless Car Theft Protection: The Role of MyParker in Ensuring Your Car’s Safety

The surge in keyless car thefts in the UK, especially of high-end models like Range Rovers, has become a major concern. Thieves are exploiting the advanced technology of keyless entry systems, leaving vehicle owners searching for effective keyless car theft protection solutions.

Historical Trends in Vehicle Theft

Vehicle theft has evolved dramatically over the years. In the early days of motoring, car theft was a rare and often opportunistic crime, done through basic methods of hot-wiring and lock picking. As technology advanced, so did the security measures in vehicles, leading to the introduction of immobilisers and alarm systems. However, as vehicles became smarter, so did thieves. The shift from traditional theft methods to keyless car theft is a testament to this evolution. This trend underscores a cat-and-mouse game between car manufacturers’ security innovations and the adaptive methods of thieves.

Global Context of Keyless Car Theft

Keyless car theft is not a problem unique to the UK; it’s a global issue. In countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia, similar patterns have been observed. For instance, the US National Insurance Crime Bureau reported a significant rise in relay attacks, a common method of practicing keyless car theft. 

Different countries have adopted varied approaches to combat this issue, from advanced vehicle tracking systems in the US to community-based initiatives in other regions. The global nature of this problem highlights the need for international collaboration in developing solutions.

Understanding Keyless Car Theft Methods

Keyless car theft is a sophisticated crime that exploits the technological advancements of modern vehicles. Understanding the methods used by thieves is the first step in devising effective countermeasures.

Relay Attack

Relay attacks are the most common method of keyless car theft. Thieves use two electronic devices to extend the signal from the car key inside the owner’s home to the vehicle parked outside. This method tricks the car into thinking the key is nearby, allowing thieves to unlock and start the vehicle without any physical break-in.


To prevent relay attacks, car owners should consider storing their keys in signal-blocking devices like Faraday pouches or boxes. These containers effectively shield the key’s signal from being intercepted by thieves.

Signal Jamming

Signal jamming is another technique used in keyless car theft. Thieves use jamming devices to block the signal between the key fob and the vehicle. This can prevent the car from locking, leaving it vulnerable to theft. Once inside, thieves can use a form of key programming, plugging in to the OBD port to override systems – allowing the car to start, the unlocking of doors, etc.


Regularly check that your vehicle is locked before walking away. If the car does not respond to the key fob, it could indicate jamming. In such cases, manual locking is recommended.

Other Methods

Other less common methods include using specialised software to hack into the car’s onboard systems or duplicating the key fob’s signal.

Solutions for Keyless Car Theft Protection

Protecting your vehicle from keyless car theft requires a combination of technology and common-sense practices. Here are some effective solutions:

Parking indoors

By far the best solution for preventing keyless car theft is parking your car indoors. When your vehicle is inaccessible due to it being locked behind a garage door, thieves won’t be able to steal it. Solutions like MyParker’s automated garage parking trolley can help here by allowing larger vehicles that would normally present parking problems to easily fit your car into tight spaces.

Faraday Pouches and Boxes

As mentioned, Faraday pouches and boxes are essential for blocking the key fob’s signal, making relay attacks much harder for thieves.

Physical Barriers

Using physical barriers like steering wheel locks, driveway parking posts, or wheel clamps adds another layer of security. These devices act as a visible deterrent to thieves.

Advanced Security Systems

Installing advanced security systems like immobilisers, alarms, and tracking devices can significantly enhance vehicle security. These systems not only deter thieves but also aid in the recovery of the vehicle if stolen.

Emerging technologies in car security include biometric systems like fingerprint and facial recognition, and advanced encryption methods for keyless entry systems. These systems are designed to be unique to the owner, adding an additional layer of security that is difficult for thieves to replicate.

Limitations and Best Practices

Each countermeasure has its limitations. Faraday pouches, for instance, can be rendered ineffective if not properly sealed. Physical barriers can be overcome with the right tools and persistence. Therefore, a layered approach, combining multiple countermeasures, is often recommended for optimal protection.

MyParker’s Automated Parking Solution for Keyless Car Theft Protection

MyParker’s innovative automated parking technology offers a unique solution. By enabling larger vehicles to fit into secure garages that would normally present problems, it reduces the risk of theft by keeping the vehicle out of sight and hard to access. If the thief can’t access the car, they can’t steal it! Keep your car parked indoors for maximum keyless car theft protection. Find the answers to frequently asked questions about MyParker here.


In the battle against keyless car theft, knowledge and proactive measures are key. By understanding the methods used by thieves and implementing a range of protective measures, including the use of MyParker’s automated parking systems, vehicle owners can significantly enhance their keyless car theft protection. It’s not just about technology; it’s about using it smartly and effectively.

FAQs: Answering Your Keyless Car Theft Protection Queries

Q: How do I protect my keyless car from being stolen?
A: Indoor parking solutions like MyParker stop your car from being accessible to thieves.

Q: How do thieves steal keyless cars?
A: Thieves use a variety of techniques to steal a keyless car, including relay attacks and signal jamming. Both are preventable by parking your car safely indoors, and using a solution like MyParker makes this process much easier.

Q: Are keyless cars theft proof?
A: No, keyless cars are not theft-proof. While easier to use, keyless cars and are often also easier to steal than other cars. However, using a solution like MyParker’s to park your car indoors gives you the best of both worlds – a keyless car without the worry of potential theft.

Q: Which cars are prone to keyless theft?
A: All keyless cars are prone to theft when thieves use modern high-tech solutions. Larger SUVs are particularly vulnerable as they sell for higher. But, all keyless cars can be protected by parking indoors, and using a solution like MyParker’s automated parking system can help with just that.

Q: How do I stop thieves from opening my car door?
A: You can stop thieves from opening your car door by parking your car indoors. If your car wouldn’t normally fit in your garage, consider using a solution like MyParker.

Q: Can a car be stolen with Faraday pouch?
A: While Faraday pouches can block the signal which can help prevent keyless car theft, your car may still be vulnerable if left parked outside. By moving it indoors into a garage, you can protect your car further. Using a solution like MyParker can help cars that typically wouldn’t fit to enter your garage with ease.

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